3-Week Courses – Interior Design

3-Week Courses – Interior Design

This course will guide participants through the ultimate
fashionable trends in contemporary interior design. It encompasses
the definition of a style through the furnishing
of a retail space or a hotel, helping participants to improve
their aesthetic sense and skills in décor.
This course will challenge participants’ abilitiy to interpret
the world of interiors, their use of complementary styles,
colours and lighting

Week 1

Introduction to the planning of an interior design space
through a detailed analysis of contemporary trends.
Understanding which style and aesthetic languages are more
appropriate for fashion trend luxury housing and the use of
creatively researched elements and images to
elaborate the concept.
Workshop: use of modern project planning presentation

Week 2

Creation of a project for an interior space and analysis of the
materials to be used.
Participating in a creative exercise that uses appropriate
colour schemes and creates harmony for a contemporary
decor. Overview of design products on trend, with the aim
of understanding the evolution of contemporary home collections.
Analysis of furnishing and lighting.
Workshop: exercise on aesthetic perception and style applied
to the interior design space.

Week 3

Lighting design solutions used to create unique and atmospheric
Creation of a final design proposal, that defines each aspect
of the project process from an understanding of the concept
of global luxury lifestyle.
Workshop: creation of a final project layout, supported by
visual research. And presentation for a final assessment.


full package in twin room € 5.500

full package in single room € 5.900

tuition fee only € 4.100

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