Mba Milan – London: Master in Marketing

Mba Milan – London: Master in Marketing

The Master in Marketing* prepares candidates for a wide variety of careers in marketing
management, such as brand management, product development, retailing, services marketing,
business to business marketing and marketing for non-profit organisations.

As part of the Marketing specialisation, master
students explore:

• innovative practices in both manufacturing and
service sectors and how firms can gain competitive
advantage, market share and reduce cost

• e-commerce, e-business, and the optimisation of
technological structures as a strategic marketing

• marketing strategies of international organisations
and approaches to a new international
market opportunities

• customer-driven marketing strategies in emerging

• the connectivity between marketing communication
and strategy, and criteria for using different
promotional techniques and media in integrated
marketing campaigns

• crossing national borders in the business world,
and the operational, legal and logistical problems
that commonly occur

Skills Acquired

• conceptual thinking, critical analysis, and the
implementation of strategic action

• advanced communication and inter-personal

• in-depth critical understanding of relevant theories,
concepts and models and the integration of
theory and practice in a variety of contexts

• advanced enquiry and research skills, holistic
thinking, integration and synthesis

• team working and motivational skills

• inner responsibility and self-inspection skills
required for effective leadership.




Registration: € 1.600,00

Tuition: € 17.000,00


Registration: £ 1.600,00

Tuition: £ 22.000,00




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