3-Week Courses – Fashion Business

3-Week Courses – Fashion Business

Studying the positioning of a collection and a brand, developing management skills for a fashion business
plan, analysing competitors scenario, understanding the luxury brands structure and developing selling
capacity: these are some of the important tools participants will study during the course. All lessons can
be supplied with a translation service.


Week 1
Analysis of economic and social trends: understanding economic
and social evolution and how this influences fashion
consumption. The new markets and how fashion can evolve
in them through expansion strategies: new brands, luxury
brands and distribution chain stores.
Analysis and comparison of styles.
Week 2
Analysis of fashion: textiles, clothing, accessories, cosmetics,
eyewear and jewellery. Participants will look at critical
factors defining the success of some Italian leading brands
such as Prada, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, including commercial
international distribution chain stores such as Zara,
H&M and sportswear chain stores like Nike. They will create
a winning placement of their product through the definition
and analysis of competitors.
Week 3
The product: life cycle, function and definition of price
points. Integrated communication: brand identity, brand
image and brand equity. Distribution: the different distribution
channels, evolution and future developments. Licensing
and the importance of branding: rules, benefits and
risks. Portfolio definition and final assessment.


full package in twin room € 5.500
full package in single room € 5.900
tuition fee only € 4.100

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