3-Week Courses – Fashion Design

3-Week Courses – Fashion Design

This is an introduction to the fundamentals of fashion design, and what is required to formulate ideas
and translate them into a visual representation, through drawing. Participants will be equipped with the
tools of the fashion designer and these will help participants to communicate ideas to their audience. All
lessons can be supplied with a translation service.


Week 1
Beginning with practical drawing lessons, the course will
introduce the analysis of the main principles for the development
of a collection: silhouette, colour charts, fabrics
and accessories, through to the design and creation of outfits,
as well as appropriate financial and commercial considerations.
Week 2
Starting from research participants will be able to develop
silhouettes and coordinate outfits, drawing on personal inspiration,
fabrics and colour selection, as well as referencing
contemporary trends and the relevance to market. The focus
on trend research, its origin and analysis will be both informative
and stimulating during the whole second week.
Week 3

At the end of the course participants will be able to create a
collection. Based on the inspiration linked to a selected theme
and supported by appropriate technical files and presentation
techniques, they will make the final project coherent
and contemporary.
Participants will present your collection to tutors for the
final assessment and will receive feedback on the activities
undertaken during the course.


full package in twin room € 5.500
full package in single room € 5.900
tuition fee only € 4.100

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