Mba Milan – London: Master in Business Administration

Mba Milan – London: Master in Business Administration

The ESE MBA* takes a distinctive approach to business education and leadership by combining
the most current business management theory with best business practices with a
special focus on helping students to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Ours is not an ordinary MBA…the ESE MBA transforms its graduates into visionary
individuals and leaders prepared to live an enriched life and enhanced careers. If you are
looking to expand the horizons of what is possible, acquire some thoughts and tools to
take on your life’s journey, the first step is to enroll in the ESE MBA.

The aim of the ESE MBA programme is to provide an inter-disciplinary and integrative
educational programme for individuals seeking to consolidate their managerial achievements
to date and prepare for a career in senior management, ultimately at the highest
strategic levels.

The programme is designed to expose programme participants to the latest thinking and
practice across a wide range of management disciplines. Teaching materials are derived
from cutting-edge academic research in order to develop critical powers of analysis and
reflection, and practical and inter-personal skills in preparation for key leadership positions
in industry, commerce and the public sector.

The MBA will equip students with an understanding of organisations, their management,
and the changing global environment in which they operate. Students will build on their
existing understanding of management and organisation within a framework that enables
them to relate their business experience to contemporary management ideas and practices.
This is achieved trough critical thinking, teamwork, creativity and personal development
in a highly interactive and stimulating environment that encourages rigorous, relevant and
innovative learning and research.

The main aims of the programme then are:

• To facilitate the advanced study of organisations,
their management and the changing external context
in which they operate.

• To develop knowledge and understanding of key
areas of management.

• To develop a career in business and management
through the development of relevant skills at the
appropriate level or to facilitate further research
or study in the area.

• To facilitate the application of knowledge and
understanding of business and management to
complex issues through critical and analytical
approaches to management theory, practice and

• To enhance the ability to evaluate management
techniques, tools and models in a variety of contexts.

• To recognise the relationship between ideas and

• To develop personal and interpersonal skills that
is relevant to management and communicates the
arising issues in written and oral form.

• To equip students with the necessary knowledge
and skills to achieve the appropriate level of post
graduate award and continue their lifelong learning



International Finance


International Business


Dynamic international learning environment with students from around the world, and originating
from various business sectors
Individual attention due to small class sizes
Flexible format with full-time and part-time study
ESE comprehensive and competitive international
internship programme (optional)




Registration: € 1.600,00

Tuition: € 24.000,00


Registration: £ 1.600,00

Tuition: £ 35.000,00





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