• Date 21 Oct - 22 Oct
  • Duration 1 day
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Located in the quiet Grunewald district, just 30
minutes away from the centre of the German capital by public transport, our course centre looks directly onto Lake Wannsee.
With its terrace and sunny garden, the centre has an ideal location, where young participants can enjoy green surroundings while being close to Berlin’s major attractions as well as Potsdam and the airport. For your convenience, all
of the facilities are located in a single building, including the classrooms, the dining hall and the residence. Vending machines and free internet access are available to students on-site.

German courses

Learning German with us offers you not only a fantastic summer learning experience,
but also the opportunity to meet students from all over the world. With morning classes focussed on communication, the interactive and animated approach to learning German allows you to boost your confidence and significantly improve your language level. With a selection between a Standard, an Intensive or Standard + Private course, our partner school caters to different needs. Every weekday benefit from three hours of language classes (4 lessons) in small groups with our motivating and dynamic teachers.


While the majority of activities offered at this camp revolve around the exciting city of Berlin, there are still plenty of other sportive and  entertaining things to do in the vicinity of the camp. There will be plenty of moments to practise your German skills outside the  classroom with your newly made friends.
Every afternoon during the week we propose a selection of activities, ranging from a bike tour to sightseeing in the capital, from visiting Potsdam to playing basketball,
not to mention plenty of entertaining evenings to keep you busy!

Tennis 8h/week

Maximise your abilities! Under the guidance of an experienced instructor, you will be coached methods to improve physical and mental techniques to improve your game!



Student Residence –
Quadruple room

At our school, all facilities are under one roof, making it convenient to go from the residence to the dining hall and then to class. Four students share a bedroom and the communal bathroom is shared by a maximum of eight. With ample storage space, the bedrooms are
bright and well equipped. Outside the rooms are several communal areas along with several vending machines and WiFi in the foyer of
the building.

Start End Adult Kid
Infant Up to 3 years old
21/10/2019 22/10/2019 1,00 € No include No include Show Rates
22/10/2019 23/10/2019 1,00 € No include No include Show Rates
23/10/2019 24/10/2019 1,00 € No include No include Show Rates
24/10/2019 25/10/2019 1,00 € No include No include Show Rates
25/10/2019 26/10/2019 1,00 € No include No include Show Rates
26/10/2019 27/10/2019 1,00 € No include No include Show Rates
27/10/2019 28/10/2019 1,00 € No include No include Show Rates
28/10/2019 29/10/2019 1,00 € No include No include Show Rates
29/10/2019 30/10/2019 1,00 € No include No include Show Rates
30/10/2019 31/10/2019 1,00 € No include No include Show Rates


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