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This city is really unique. There are so many shops and restaurants, more than five kilometres of white sandy beach, not to mention all the celebrities you might meet during your walks. Santa Monica Pier attracts the crowds with its nine-storey high panoramic wheel, powered by solar energy, as well as its tempting food stalls. Everything in Santa Monica is irresistible. ELC – English Language Center EC Los Angeles is located in spectacular Santa Monica. The study centre consists of 21 modern classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards, a student common room, an individual study area, Internet connected computers and free Wi-Fi. Our students come from all over the world, creating an excellent opportunity to communicate exclusively in English and to broaden your horizons. You will get to know different cultures, make new friends and improve your linguistic ability.

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Los Angeles is the city that never sleeps. There will always be new experiences to discover, but more than anything new places to visit. You can’t leave without seeing the beaches and the sunset over Santa Monica, Malibu and Venice Beach. And if you are mad about glamorous fashion, don’t miss the unforgettable trip to Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive and Sunset Boulevard. The city is also famous for its cinematography thanks to Hollywood, Disneyland and behind the scenes at “Universal Studios”.

Where you stay is a very important part of your experience. We offer a range of different types of accommodation to satisfy your lifestyle, your budget and your needs. You can live with other students or with English mother-tongue local people. Host families Living with a family means being able to speak English at all times and having a 360-degree cultural experience. You will live the authentic American lifestyle in a local family. You are guaranteed a safe and protected home environment where you will be made to feel relaxed and completely at home. You can stay in a single room or double room (if travelling with another student). Host families live within the Santa Monica city boundaries or in nearby towns. Some typical areas where host families live are: West Los Angeles, Westwood, Culver City, Marina del Rey and Venice. Shared apartments: Barrington Plaza, Oakwood Marina Del Rey, Aqua Marina Del Rey Life in shared apartments is ideal for those who would prefer more independence, but also wish to spend time with other international students. Common areas offer opportunities to make new friends with people who will share the same experiences in this magnificent city. For more information, please contact us at: studyabroad@aseischool.com

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