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Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is an immense metropolis, vibrant and full of surprises. It has about 13 million inhabitants, 10% of the entire Japanese population, which makes it one of the largest urban centres in the world. The central zone is the most densely populated part of the metropolis; it overlooks Tokyo Bay and is sub-divided into 23 special districts, including the administrative centre of Shinjuku where the Metropolitan Government is situated.

Takadanobaba Campus

Situated in Shinjuku, the most “in” district of Tokyo, with its big, fashionable department stores and neon signs, this is a school to suit every student. It offers more than 25 classes with ability levels starting from beginner and reaching advanced. The course centre consists of 26 comfortable classrooms, a computer room, a library, a study room, a large student common room, various snack and drink machines and free Wi-Fi. We welcome students from more than 50 different countries. This is the ideal place to practice Japanese while making international friends.

Free time

To discover Tokyo you must first explore the heart of each district, starting from the city centre with the Imperial Palace and Ginza, the most famous luxury shopping area in all Japan. It’s an extremely important economic centre and also one of the oldest districts in Tokyo. Of the other districts, we recommend Roppongi, well known for the Roppongi Hills (Where the Mori Tower skyscraper that overlooks the city is located,); Asakusa, a less chaotic part of the city where you can still see girls walking around wearing kimonos and numerous rickshaws on the streets; Shinjuku, favourite shopping destination of the locals; Shibuya, without doubt one of the most lively and well known areas of the city ; Aoyama, one of Tokyo’s most elegant districts; and Ueno, a cultural focal point with its museums, sanctuaries and temples.



Host families

What better way of spending your stay in Japan than getting to know a real Japanese family? You will be able to live with one of our families, carefully selected by our partner school, practicing the language at home as well as at school and experiencing Japanese culture and lifestyle at first hand. You will be provided with half board and will be able to reach the school in about 40-60 minutes by public transport, which considering the size of the city is an excellent compromise.


If you are looking for more independence, but would still like to spend your free time with other international students, this is the ideal option. Shakujii-Koen International House and Toda International House are two of the dormitories selected by our partner school. For more information, please contact us at the following address: studyabroad@aseischool.com


In this type of accommodation you will stay in a single room and will share a kitchen, living room and bathroom with other international students, which will allow you to broaden your cultural horizons during your trip to Tokyo. Sheets  are provided and you can reach the school in about 40-50 minutes, by train.


You will be provided with a single room with kitchenette. Sheets are provided and the school is only 30 minutes away, by public transport.

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